7 Best Cream Cheese Spreads for Bagels

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If you’re looking at stepping up your bagel brunch or snacks, it’s best that you find the crème de la crème of cream cheese to partner them with. Aside from the homemade variety, there are cream cheese brands that you can experiment with to see which among them works for you. A restaurant in Fort Lauderdale has an array of cream cheese items for breakfast that you can choose from.


I won’t go through the different selections that its menu has available. There are just too many of them. We will, however, touch on the different brands now on the market that are accepted as the best of the lot. Sure, you can make tubs of your mouth-watering creation, but this write-up is not for that purpose. What we’re out to do is find which of the different brands is best for bagels, that’s all.


  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese

What we have here is easily the most popular—read that as the most trusted—brand name in the industry. There’s that traditional foil-wrapped white variety whose taste everybody craves. Now, it also comes in different flavors: Pineapple, Brown Sugar with Cinnamon and Pumpkin Spice. Philadelphia Soft Cheese is the same as Philadelphia Cream Cheese.


  • Gina Marie Cream Cheese

This is a cream cheese that’s packed in a tube of flexible plastic with both ends sealed by metal clips. It looks like a sausage. If you haven’t tried this brand that’s in chub form, you’re missing out. It’s made from sterilized milk or cream, sea salt, and some lab additives. Gina Marie has developed a following of devotees because of its texture and flavor. 


  • Greek Cream Cheese

This is one brand that can boast of adding nutritional value to your morning or mid-afternoon bagel. Their proud claim is this product from Green Mountain Farms quadruples your protein intake with only half the fat. One will definitely shout “OPA!” at the experience. That’s Greek for wow, bravo, alright, or some form of one-word compliment to show admiration.


  • Kite Hill Cream Cheese

This is cream cheese heaven for vegans. It’s made with almond milk and is proudly marketed as Kite Hill’s Cream Cheese Alternative. It tastes terrific without the animal products that other brands have in it. Aside from Plain, the brand has other vegan varieties like Chive, Everything, and Pumpkin Pie. On top of that, all Kite Hill products have no sugar. They’re special items that catering in Fort Lauderdale offers.


  • Miyoko’s Vegan Cream Cheese

Also cashing in on the growing vegan market is the cashew milk-based Miyoko’s, which comes in three other cream cheese flavors: Classic Plain, Everything, and Savory Scallion. This brand has gone ahead to claim that it’s perfect for bagels, but that’s really up to those with adventurous palates who have tried the different brands to pass judgment on which is the best.


  • Tillamook Cream Cheese

A brand name that’s been around providing a creamier, cheesier spread on bagels since 1909. That’s over 110 years. Tillamook Cream Cheese comes in Original, Seriously Strawberry, Very Veggie, Jalapeno Honey, and Chive & Onion. This Oregon-based cooperative that’s owned by farmers has branched out into other dairy products like cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, and butter.


  • Zingerman Cream Cheese

This comes from an old-fashioned recipe for that velvety fresh cheese made from a mixture of milk and cream. The formula dates back to the 1930s and was developed on a Detroit farm. It has nothing fancy about how it’s made. Zingerman doesn’t boast about secret ingredients or recipes. It does have a cult following among those who want its cream cheese sans preservatives, additives, and sweeteners.


Putting Aside Brand Names

If you want to get downright creative and just need quick hints on what direction to take with your homemade cream cheese, lend these an ear: herb, strawberry, veggie, whipped, smoked salmon, cinnamon, and chive. Aside from the seven brand names, you can look into how to use the ingredients just mentioned for your own variety of cream cheese, something you can show off to family and friends.

To get you started on how to be inspired in whipping up a great spread for your bagels, check out the breakfast items of a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called Tower Deli for ideas. Feel free to scroll through our website. If you’re in the area, you might as well order whatever interests you at 954-452-8202. We serve homemade goodness for special events.

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