A Guide to Choosing a Catering Company for your Fort Lauderdale Event

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Catering is an important part of any event which attracts more attention from the guests than the event itself. Therefore, it’s important to have presentable dishes displayed that will delight the visitors. So choose a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale that can both provide presentable and delicious dishes.

Wherever state or country we are, there will always be a lot of restaurants to choose from. This also applies when choosing a catering company. However, there are a lot of things you need to consider, such as the taste quality of the dishes, how the food is prepared, and if it’s enough for all the guests.

6 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Catering Company

It can be quite overwhelming for first-timers to choose a catering company. So we’ve prepared several tips below that can help you get started:

  • References and Reviews

The first step is checking the reviews of the restaurant’s past clients. Check what the customers say about their experience with the restaurant’s catering service. However, this will not be enough. You can also ask the opinions of friends or those who used to work in a catering company. They’ll most likely suggest someone or tell their past catering experience.

  • Availability

If you’ve chosen a reputable restaurant, make sure to check their availability as they might be booked on the same day as your event. This also applies to the scheduling of the whole process such as menu selection, taste test, service and equipment, and more.

  • Taste Test

Once you’ve chosen the best catering you think in Fort Lauderdale, ask for a taste test of the dishes you’ve chosen. This way you’ll know which food to rule out and replace them with something better.

  • Flexibility

Some catering companies aren’t flexible enough to agree with your specific requests for the event. For example, you want to add something to the dishes to make them taste better. If you think you’ll be making these requests, ask the one in charge if they’re flexible.

  • Hygiene and Food Safety

Since you’ll be hosting a party, it’s important to hire a company that is aware of food safety and practices proper hygiene. A lot of people will be attending the event, so always consider the health of your guests. Make sure they won’t eat any contaminated food that is cooked and placed in an unhygienic kitchen and tableware.

  • Presentation

Lastly, ask for photos of their food presentation. If you’re having a formal party, check the presentation of their formal food catering if it suits the event’s theme. This also applies if you’re having a casual event such as a birthday party. You can even check the appearance of the staff who’ll be serving the guests.

Aside from those mentioned above, always check the company’s license, certificates, and insurance for your and the staff’s protection. In case of accidents, injuries, or a certain medical condition happens among the staff, you won’t be held reliable.If you are looking for a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale that can cater formal, casual, or even birthday parties, check us out here at Tower Deli. Call us today at 954-452-8202 to set an appointment.

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