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For some people, eating healthy has always been important for maintaining good health. But now, more than ever, everyone is encouraged to be healthier. One way to do that is by cutting down on unhealthy food and eating more salad. Now, keep in mind that there are many types of salads and not all restaurants in Fort Lauderdale serve the healthiest options. So before you order a salad, make sure it’s the right one. 

How do you know if it’s the right one? For today’s blog, we will be featuring healthy ingredients so you know what to look for whether you are ordering in a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale or making your own salad.


Not only does kale contain vitamins K, A, and C, but it also has chlorophyll which helps flush out toxins and boost our immune system. It’s also low in calories while being high in important fiber. As a dark leafy green, it’s one of the ingredients you should be looking for in a healthy salad.


Seeds are a wonderful crunchy addition to your salad. But they’re not just there to add texture to your food. Eating seeds is a great way to get a big dose of omega-3’s, fiber, and protein. The best part? You get all those benefits with very little caloric intake, and you’re not just boosting your immunity, you’re also boosting your metabolism.


One cup of these berries contains 24% of our daily Vitamin C needs. They also have high fiber content, Vitamin K, and Manganese which all help to boost the immune system.

Beans and Legumes

These are excellent sources of plant protein. For example, 1 cup or 172 grams of cooked kidney beans and black beans already provide over 15 grams of protein. This is in addition to vitamins, fiber, and minerals that you also get from them.


Apart from being immune boosters, these are full of essential nutrients and vitamins that are great for your skin. They’re also great for filling you up while giving you a good boost of protein in your salad. To get the maximum nutritional benefit, make sure that the nuts are as close to their raw state as possible. But if you’re allergic to nuts, you can go ahead and skip this part.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are great for adding texture and flavor to your salad. They also provide protein and fiber while being lower in cholesterol. So, you get to feel full and satisfied while feeling healthy at the same time.

Most people think that eating salad is just a way of losing weight. While they’re not wrong, salads aren’t just for dieting. It is, first and foremost, a great way of boosting our immune system by consciously making healthy eating choices that will give a lifetime of benefits. Losing weight is just one of its side-effects. But again, not all salads have healthy ingredients. So if your aim is to boost your immunity, make sure the salad you order contains most of the ingredients listed above along with some fruits. 
Tower Deli’s menu features many healthy salad options for you to choose from. Visit our restaurant today or order online if you want. We also offer catering in Fort Lauderdale.

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