Catering for Your Business’ Grand Opening

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Having your grand opening for your business is a big and important event! Not only is it meaningful for you and your staff, but it is also an opportunity to make a lasting first impression to the community. The best way to do this, in the food department, is to get it catered. It is a good strategy to bring in people through the door by providing them with food, music, and drinks. However, it is important to work only with a good company that offers quality catering in Fort Lauderdale. That way, they can prepare food that is appropriate for the event and prospective guests.

Working with the best catering in Fort Lauderdale can guarantee you a successful party by choosing what to serve and how it is served, as well as sending the right message about the quality and the attention to detail your business wants to be known for. With this, below are a few things you can keep in mind before throwing your grand opening:

  • Schedule of the Grand Opening: When you decide to launch your grand opening, it is always best to avoid doing it on the main occasions of the year such as New Year, Christmas, and other holidays. The occasion needs to be worth coming out for and going the extra mile,  away from holiday themes, as this  can give you the opportunity to stand out.
  • Catering Menu: When you plan the launching of your business, you need to take note of the platters that are most appropriate for the venue. For example, if you are opening up a car dealership, the environment requires food that people can carry around and eat rather than sit down meals. This will allow the guests to walk around while they eat.

You can also speak with your chosen catering company to serve hearty meals. If the event will take a long time, you want to provide meals that are satisfying. This is important because as the affair progresses, your staff may be standing and speaking with clients, possibly even closing deals.

  • Payment for Catering: When it comes to your grand opening, you do not want to under spend. If anything, you do not want to show your customers or business partners that you are cheap. The amount you put into your food can be a reflection of how much you will put into the level of service you do for your business. If you have a car dealership that sells expensive vehicles, you do not want to serve hotdogs and soda.

Create a memorable experience and show everyone that your brand new business is the kick-ass type of business. Speak with your catering company to provide you with options that will be most suitable for the event.

Throwing a catered event is a great way to showcase your customer service and to get good exposure. Our staff at Tower Deli and Diner provides catering in Fort Lauderdale for your business’ brand opening. We will sit down with you and listen to your vision, your taste, your needs, and your budget. We understand how important and special the occasion can be, so let us handle the catering so that your business can make a good and long lasting first impression. For more information call us at 954-452-8202.

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