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Everybody seems to be on the lookout for what’s hot and new, especially when it comes to food nowadays. People from diverse cultures around the world are now making their unique food experiences known, which has greatly influenced the food catering industry. Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale are also keeping their radars on and tirelessly adapting to these trends.

As 2023 continuously becomes a year for big events, such as parties and celebrations, catering has become in high demand. These events paved the way for the trends to be among the top most-served menus for curious people who are looking forward to unique and new food experiences.

Here are the top trends that are now hot in the culinary world:

Fun Cocktails
They say that it is not a party without some hard drinks. This is always the most anticipated by most partygoers; however, not everyone drinks jalapeno margaritas, tonics, and Bloody Marys. Caterers instead look for ways to serve different mixes perfect for drinkers and non-drinkers, such as cocktail and mocktail shots. Also, caterers can be creative in their own way. Some can make champagne towers, which is the most popular way to serve drinks, plus a section for mini sliders and main dishes.

Meatless Plates
Vegetarians or some people who have dietary needs are also considered by caterers. So they prepare options with less meat and a more plant-based menu. Also, some prefer plant-based ‘meats’ which are substitutes for meat with plant-based ingredients. This also gave birth to the Root-to-stem eating, which is now big news.

Local and Global Flavors
People who are holding large parties prefer Filipino cuisine for some reasons. This is a popular choice nowadays because of the variety of options on the menu. The traditional yet savory and uniqueness made people from around the world want to experience different tastes and flavors.

Fusion Cuisine
Experts, when it comes to catering in Fort Lauderdale, can also go creative by fusing different flavors. This has not only brought two different cultures together but also people who are into trying the latest discoveries in flavors.

Nostalgic Food Classics
Childhood classics will always have their rightful spot in a kiddie party. Bringing back nostalgic favorites with a bit of a modern twist can be perfect for both adults and kids. Not only do these food classics bring back memories, but they also make the party memorable.

The Rise of the Mushrooms
Mushrooms are the newly-featured ingredient of the year’s trends. Known for their incredible benefits to our immune system, caterers are rapidly increasing the options on their menus with this ingredient. They can be perfectly made into soups, paired with grilled cheese and thyme, or made into chaga mushroom tarts.

‘Swicy’ Foods
Either as a side dish or dessert, the fusion of sweet and spicy foods is now seen as the year’s perfect pair. Swicy food discoveries include chili dark chocolate bars, chicken recipes, hot honey, and even chili-flavored ice cream.

Dietary Menu
Caterers also adapt to the rising popularity of gluten-free diets. This includes meticulous planning and categorizing foods that are dairy-free and soy-free.

Butter or Snack Boards
Butter or snack boards are now a TikTok sensation. You will often see social media influencers making huge food servings that are placed all on one board. The variety of colorful food makes it even more appealing that it has made its way to the catering industry.

Future Buffets
Buffets are now seen to be making their way not just from restaurants but also in the catering industry. Future buffets are expected to be a growing trend in the catering industry.

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