Craving Pancakes for Breakfast? Get to Know its History

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Classic pancakes have been one of the most popular breakfast menu items in any restaurant in Fort Lauderdale for how many years. And why not? They’re so soft, fluffy, and absolutely divine and there’s no better way to start your day than diving into a stack of steaming pancakes slathered with syrup and topped with fruits or served with bacon on the side. But exactly when did this lip-smacking breakfast delicacy become so popular? Let’s find out.

Pancakes may have been around for longer than you think. 30,000 years, in fact, as evidence from a grinding tool dating back to the Stone Age suggests that people have already been making flour out of ground cattails and ferns. From this, researchers have guessed that the flour was likely mixed with water and baked on a hot, and possibly greased, rock. Although not as fluffy or appetizing as the modern pancakes we see from restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, the resulting flat cake is still reminiscent of the ones we eat today. 

But when did people start calling it “pancake”?

The name “pancake” roughly started around the 15th century but eventually became standard in 19th-century America. Before this name was cemented into the minds of the people, the dish was called a variety of names. Pancakes were previously named hoecakes, buckwheat cakes, Indian cakes, buckwheats, johnnycakes, griddlecakes, journey cakes, and flapjacks. And since it is such an easy dish to make, it’s no wonder that various countries around the world have their own version. 

Here are just some of them:

American-style Pancakes

These are fluffier pancakes resulting from a rising agent, usually baking powder, added to the recipe. Best served with maple syrup and bacon, it makes for a hearty breakfast that will kickstart your day. It can also be served as a dessert topped with fruits, cream, or even yogurt.

French Crêpes

Another popular dish, this type of pancake has a specific type of pan used to form a very thin and wide pancake. They can be served sweet with an assortment of creams, jams, and fruits or they can be served savory.

Scotch Pancakes

Also known as drop scones, they are similar to American-style pancakes and are made with flour, eggs, milk, salt, sugar, and cream of tartar. This type of pancake is made smaller and is often served as a snack paired with either cream or jam.

Russian Blinis

Also known as buckwheat pancakes, these are yeasted pancakes traditionally made from buckwheat flour and are served savory with either caviar or sour cream. They can also be eaten with smoked salmon.

There are many other types of pancakes out there depending on where you live but it goes without saying that American-style pancakes are what you will find most in restaurants here. So if you’re craving some fluffy pancakes, visit us at Tower Deli and we’ll gladly serve up some fresh, hot pancakes. We top our pancakes with fruit or serve them as a breakfast dish with bacon and sausage on the side. Come to our restaurant or avail of our catering in Fort Lauderdale today!

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