Fascinating Facts about Your Favorite Breakfast – The Omelet

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Many of our favorite breakfast dishes today came from other places in the world. The recipes, born out of necessity or countless hours of experimentation, were passed down from generation to generation. Some chose to preserve and stay true to the original recipes while others chose to make their own variations. Nevertheless, countless recipes have traveled the world through the people who shared them. Now, do you ever wonder where the Omelette really originated? True, it’s one of the favorite breakfast items in any restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, but where did it come from? Do other countries have their own versions? 

The Omelette Came from France, or So They Say

You’ve probably heard about folklores quoting that the fluffy goodness of the omelet we know today was actually born in France. If you haven’t, try asking your favorite restaurant in Fort Lauderdale about it. The word omelet (or omelette) is in fact a variation of the French word “amelette”. Amelette is even believed to have come from older forms of French, the oldest being “alemelle” which belongs to the 13th century. It is translated as the blade of a knife which is also inspired by the flattened shape of the dish.

Napoleon Bonaparte Tasted the First Omelet, or Did He?

Well, it is believed that he tasted the very first omelet. According to the story, the first omelet was served to him at an inn near the town of Bessieres when he and his army stopped there. It was done in his honor and, as he happened to love the meal so much, he asked the people of Bessieres to gather all the eggs possible and prepare a giant omelet for his entire army. It is also believed that the traditional Easter omelet was inspired by that event.

Was it Actually the Romans Who Invented the Omelet?

Apart from the French, Romans are also staking their claim on the omelet as it was supposedly them who cooked the first omelet dish. To them, the omelet is known as “ovemele” which is translated to egg and honey. The name is quite fitting as their version had the sweet flavor of honey imbued. 

America’s History also Has Its Share of The Omelet

In relation to the first preparation of an omelet, America’s history also has its share. The Denver sandwich, which was composed of an omelet sandwiched by two pieces of toast, was an earlier version of the Denver Omelet. The Denver Sandwich became popular near 1900 and it was later on when its omelet version was discovered. According to the traditional tale, eggs brought by a wagon freight had a stale flavor and the Denver omelet was prepared to suppress that unpleasant flavor. The Denver omelet’s recipe consists of onions, cheese, diced ham, green pepper, mushrooms; and of course, eggs.

So who was it, really, that invented the first omelet? Well, we may never know. But one thing remains true and that is the omelet is still one of the most popular breakfast items in any restaurant around the world. If you want to taste Fort Lauderdale’s own version of the omelet, come to Tower Deli today and we will serve you a delectable breakfast dish that will have you coming back for more. We also offer catering and delivery services in Fort Lauderdale. Visit us or order online today.

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