Finding the Right One

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Everyone goes through the dilemma of not knowing where they want to eat. Most of the time, this is because of the plethora of choices that we have at our disposal. If you’re not exactly sure what you’re craving for, then you end up trying to choose from those restaurants in Fort Lauderdale that you have had good experiences with. Now going through the same problem of choosing a food establishment to cater to your company’s Friday meetings where the top brass all meet, then you have that same amount of indecision, only now with infinitely more stressful consequences.

With this kind of decision weighing on you, you have to find out what factors you need to consider in choosing the right catering service. Here are some points to consider when deciding this for the company:

  • Pricing – You need to make sure that the pricing of what you choose isn’t too extravagant that you will be questioned on spending too much or too cheap and you will be seen as a cheapskate even if it isn’t your money. Showing you can set the right budget for occasions like these will get you a lot of points in top management’s book.
  • Recall – Is the caterer a known one with a good reputation. If they have a brand recall that is good from your company’s point of view, then more points for you. The reputation takes into account, taste, service and previous experience in both the restaurant and catering in Fort Lauderdale

Now checking these, you might want to get in touch with Tower Deli & Diner! It’s the only one that fits both criteria of reasonable prices and proper brand recall. We have an extensive, yet ordered menu. A selection so wide and yet healthy, that even your mom would love to bring the whole family there.

Our nine consecutive years of being voted number one delicatessen shows consistency and excellence. We are your ideal one-stop solution to your catering needs in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you need a buffet or multi-course dinner, we will take care of it. We can make your occasions extraordinary! With holidays always around the corner, we are ready to make your holidays a machine spitting out good memory after good memory.

There are just so many delicious and healthy dishes to choose from. From the sandwich to salads. From regular meals to specialized ones where you have free reign to add the ingredients you would like in the meal. You could also come up with a platter of your favorite snack / finger food.

Bottomline is, tell us what you need and we’ll take care of this for you. We will figure out the best menu for the time of day and the occasion if any. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and get premier catering in Fort Lauderdale. We are located at:

Tower Deli & Diner

2315 South University Dr,

Davie FL 33324

You can choose to call or email us instead. Those are possible too. You may call us at 954.452.8202 or email us at

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