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french toast

The French toast — an iconic dish that everyone would arguably enjoy. The dish is so widely known that one can even safely assume that anyone who owns a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale knows how to make French toast. Its popularity has risen so much that people from around the globe have started to make their own interpretation of the classic dish. From America to China, there is no stopping the French toast’s influence.

How did one simple yet unbelievably popular dish start? Well, unlike the sandwich, there is no clear record of where the name “French toast” came from, let alone where it was invented. For some, they argue that it was the French immigrants in New York who coined the name. While this may not be entirely true, what most scholars agree upon is that the earliest versions of it could be traced back to the Roman Empire. It was not until the 17 th century that the modern version of the French toast was invented, using stale bread (or pain perdu, as the French called it) as a base for the dish. Though the name “French toast” is commonly associated with France, most historians agree that the dish’s name was officially coined in England in the 17 th century. Most scholars also say that it was through England that the French toast was able to migrate to America. The rest, as they say, is history. Talk about an international dish!

The French toast has come a long way since its inception in the 17 th century. And unlike other dishes that don’t allow for any modifications, the French toast welcomes self-interpretation. With its creation being incredibly simple, it provides people with the opportunity to add what they want, from cinnamon spice to Nutella! Let’s look at some variations of the timeless dish.

In Ireland, they have their own take on French toast called the Irish toast and yes, you guessed it, it has something to do with alcohol… specifically, whiskey. The way they make the dish is similar with how others make French Toast, but instead of dunking it in mere milk, they also add a shot or two of whiskey into the mix (depending on how “strong” they like their French toast to be). Now, most people might not agree with their interpretation, but it’s the Irish, come on!

Moroccans’ take on the classic French toast leans more towards adding Moroccan spices. They cut dense bread into thick slices, dunk it in a mixture of beaten eggs, milk, and Kosher salt. They then add a combination of cumin, cinnamon, and other locally sourced spices to give it that unique Moroccan feel. Granted, they might not make the same French toast you are familiar with, but they definitely create it a way that can rival those made by the pioneers of the dish.

The Italians have it going with their own version of the French toast. In typical Italian fashion, they like to lather cheese on their bread, topped with honey and sprinklings of cinnamon powder. Don’t be surprised if they start putting basil and olive oil on their French toast. These food connoisseurs are definitely giving French toast a new definition.

America is pushing the boundaries when it comes to the French toast. And it is arguably the only country that prefers overloading their French toast with toppings. So much so that you can order one with a dab of Nutella, strawberry chunks, a generous lather of honey, topped with whipped cream, or sprinkled with chocolate powder. The list of unique, delightful twists that can be affixed to the dish is endless for any excellent restaurant in places like Fort Lauderdale.

Some French toast enthusiasts even incorporate Oriental flavors. Yes, you read that right. You can buy Chinese style French toast.

As for us, we like to make our French toast based on our own heritage. Here at Tower Deli, the ingredients we use in our French toast is a nod to our roots. We use challah, a type of Jewish bread encrusted with corn flakes to give it that extra crunch. Challah is usually made using the same ingredients that normal bread would have but also includes a generous sprinkling of poppy seeds. What makes it different from the rest is how it is kneaded and molded into shape, thus resulting in a round, almost knotted design. Here at Tower Deli, we take it up a notch by adding Jewish spices like aniseed, cumin, and other secret ingredients to make it a dish that’s truly unique to our restaurant. The base alone already carries a pastiche of flavors but we again add other components to the dish by adding a generous serving of toppings. You can choose either fruit, ham, sausage, or even bacon for the toppings. We’ll top that off with a healthy pouring of pure maple syrup or anything you want. This results in a dish that will make you rethink the way French toast is supposed to be made.

The French toast has definitely become a food icon. And there is no denying how versatile and flexible the dish can be. Not only does it allow for different interpretations, but it also promotes cultural expression, a characteristic that not all dishes can provide.

Here at Tower Deli, we do not just serve the best tasting French toast this side of the country. We at Tower Deli also provide other dishes that are definitely mouthwatering. Choose from our selection of choice cuts, salads, and burgers. Our restaurant in Fort Lauderdale will cater to your individual palate. We also do catering services for any occasion. For inquiries, give us a call or send us an email. You can also join our email club. Just visit our CONTACT US page and fill out the form located at the bottom.

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