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What is a deli? Well, a delicatessen, or a “deli”, is a store where people can buy ready-to-eat items. These items can range from cold cut meats and sliced cheeses to different kinds of bread, sandwiches, and so much more. Everyone has their favorite deli and many enjoy a variety of meals there almost every day. Meals in a deli are typically prepared and delivered quickly. So if you are someone who has a busy schedule and always on the move, buying meals from a deli is an added practicality. But as a rule, there are items that every local deli or restaurant in Fort Lauderdale should have.

What are these items?

Classic Club Sandwich

This is one of the most popular menu items that you can find in any delicatessen or restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. The Club Sandwich recipe usually requires three pieces of bread filled in between with different slices of meat, vegetable, and cheese. Turkey and ham are commonly the main meat slices, but roast beef, bacon, salami, and even bologna are sometimes used. The vegetables consist of mainly tomatoes and lettuce, but some delis also add pickles, onions, or more. Dressed with mayonnaise, the club sandwich is then cut into triangles that are stacked together with toothpicks.

Meat Cuts

Delis are all about serving the best meat cuts in the world. So it goes without saying that every local deli should offer their own variety of cold cuts. Though it may vary from deli to deli, the following meat cuts are the ones commonly offered in every local deli:

  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Ham
  • Different Varieties of Sausages
  • Asian BBQ

Soup of the Day

Adding a “soup of the day” item on a deli’s menu is a must, especially during the cold months of the year. Not only is it a great way to warm your customers up, but it also gives a quick boost of energy to satisfy the customers’ cravings. The most popular soups are mostly chicken noodle, chowder, vegetable beef, and tomato.

Wet Salads and Salad Sandwiches

Tuna, Chicken, and potato salads are some examples of a wet salad. These are made by using mayonnaise, salad dressing, or even mustard to bind a variety of salad ingredients. Wet salads are popular in delicatessens and are sometimes served as side items or may even be spread on slices of bread to make a sandwich.

“Assemble Your Own” Corner

Most local delis will give their customers the option of assembling their own meals so they can choose their preferred meat cuts and other ingredients. And honestly, it can’t get any better than that because you get to choose the best ingredients that you actually like and leave out the ones you don’t like.

Organic Produce

The best delis always use organic produce and Tower Deli is no different. After all, we want nothing but the best for our customers and that includes their health. So if you are looking to maintain your healthy lifestyle, you can always trust us to provide you with the healthiest choices.

If you’re looking for the best deli in town, visit us today. Tower Deli is your local deli offering catering and other services in Fort Lauderdale. Our menu features a variety of sandwiches, salads, breakfast dishes, and more! Check out our menu on our website today.

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