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There is a growing trend among millennials these days, and no, we’re not talking about straying away from the 9-5 job mentality nor are we talking about hopping into the vintage trend. We’re talking about food. Since time immemorial, food has been considered a vital component of survival. But the food trend is a far cry from what we see today. Catering in places like Fort Lauderdale, for example, has just been recently introduced thanks in part to food transforming into a culture of its own.

After World War II, America jumped from double digits in the world economy to Number 1 with them garnering most of the spoils of the war, their economy boomed. This, in turn, gave more opportunities for people, particularly in the food industry. No longer would people line up in the corner to get their daily rations of bread and cabbage soup as the country definitely geared towards becoming a land of surplus. More raw materials and components at cheaper prices guaranteed that people could afford to buy more food than they could ever imagine.

Because of this, food transformed from being a basic necessity to a commodity, where peoplecould choose whether or not it would please their own palates. The food culture was on the rise in America, fueled by people who wanted to elevate their eating and dining experience to new heights. Nowadays, we see more and more individuals further transforming food culture, but none could be more supportive of this movement than the millennial generation.

The millennial generation differs from that of the previous ones in terms of viewpoints, mainly, how they spend their budget. Baby boomers are generally seen to invest more in their retirement and thus, terms such as the 401k are considered to be important for them.

Millennials, on the other hand, are seen to be investing more in experience like traveling and gaining new skills. This trend contributes to the fact that millennials prefer to spend more money on food; that is, dining out than preparing food at home.

Let’s relate food culture with the millennial mentality. We all know that food culture is now more complex than ever, with people experimenting on different flavors and ingredients to provide a better experience for consumers. Among the different sectors of the food industry, no other sector invests heavily on experience than restaurants and caterers. In fact, catering in places like Fort Lauderdale is transforming to serve clients who are becoming pickier with their food.

Now, millennials have a new agenda, with people wanting to try out new things for the sake of scratching it off their bucket list. That being said, the food industry is catering to this millennial trend of garnering experiences.

In an article by Emmie Martin called "49 Percent of Millennials Spend More on Restaurant Food than They Have for the Future”, she explains that millennials are spending more time dining out rather than staying in and preparing their own food and spending more on present experiences than their retirement. This, along with other researches and articles, all contribute to painting a bigger picture in terms of millennials and their spending habits regarding food.

Experience-based millennial lifestyle and the evolution of food culture is only one aspect of the spectrum. There are more things to understand as to why millennials are spending more on food than any other generation that came before them. For whatever reason people these days may have about food consumerism, one thing is for sure: the food industry will remain an evolving force, providing a better experience for people.

Catering in Fort Lauderdale is spearheading the evolution of food culture, and with more and more people hopping aboard the “experience trend”, restaurants and catering services like us at Tower Deli are ready to provide people with the experience that they are craving for. We do this through serving dishes that are not only expertly crafted but also caters to millennials and non-millennials alike. For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can order from us online and we’ll deliver your food to you. Get the experience you are longing for, only at Tower Deli.

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