Myths About Professional Catering Services Debunked

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When it comes to planning a party or a special event, one of the most important decisions to make is to hire a professional catering in Fort Lauderdale. Having a good catering service can transform your celebration into a memorable experience. However, there have been various misconceptions and myths that have surrounded catering services, which has prevented many people from taking advantage of their full benefits.

So if you are in doubt as to whether or not you should hire catering services, we are here to clear out some of the most common misconceptions to make way for you to make an educated decision:

  • You pay only for the food: Food is definitely one of the most important factors in a party or special event, and the caterer’s bill will include many other components depending on what type of food and services you choose. The amount you will have to pay usually depends on the number of guests, services, menu, and duration of the event. Sometimes, the caterers are responsible for doing other work such as floral centerpieces, decorating, entertainment, and the like. Therefore, you are not only paying for the food when you are requesting for their catering services.
  • Preparation and set up takes an hour at the least: When it comes to preparation and set up, it usually takes an hour or more depending on the amount of guests. If they prepare off site, then they have to deliver all of the food, equipment, and other props needed. If the preparation is on site, they also have to arrange the work area and prepare for the menu items as well. The caterers will go out of their way to keep things perfect. After all, they will not be happy until their customers are, or get paid right for that matter.
  • Catering services and rates are the same as restaurants: While you may be paying less when eating at the restaurant at times, you also have to take into account that the culinary experience is not customizable or tailored to your specific preferences and needs. If you request for catering services, you can ask them to prepare specific meals among other things that can impress your guests. You can even have the freedom to choose the linens and plates which will be served on each table.
  • You will pay for guests that do not show up: If you hire a professional catering service, you will pay for the food of a certain number of people and there will be no additional costs if some do not show up. If there are more people than expected, many caterers prepare a certain overage if there are additional guests. For this reason, it is best to ask your caterer how much they will prepare in excess just in case. Determine a rough estimate of the amount of people so that the caterer can prepare accordingly.

With this added information, you may now reconsider your decision. If you are in need of a reputable company for your catering in Fort Lauderdale, do not hesitate to call us at Tower Deli. We provide premier catering services for all your needs and we are all about your vision, your tastes, your needs, and your budget. Call us at 954-452-8202.

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