Origins of the Delicatessen

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Delis, or delicatessens, are known throughout the world as inviting places where people can go to buy delicious ready-to-eat items. Usually ranging from cold cut meats, sandwiches, sliced cheeses, salads, and so much more, delis are an essential part of pop culture. Wherever you go in the United States, you can always trust a deli to provide tasty and healthy bites for people on the go. That is no different from our restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. 

But where exactly did the concept of the delicatessen originate? When did it start? Who started it? We will be answering all these questions. So if you want to find out more, just keep on reading.

Delicatessens were originally from Germany in the 18th century and were eventually brought by Jewish immigrants in the 19th century to the United States. Due to the deli’s convenience and friendly atmosphere, it was inevitable that family-owned delis would grow in popularity in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern cities, eventually skyrocketing to popularity between the early to mid 20th century. From then on, it soon became a staple of large cities such as Philadelphia and New York. There are also plenty of deli-like restaurants right here in Fort Lauderdale.

What Makes Delis so Popular?

Aside from being convenient, buying from a deli guarantees the quality of the product you are purchasing. And that is what makes people keep coming back for more. It’s not like buying meat and cheese from the grocer where everything is already prepacked. In a deli, meat and cheese are freshly sliced for you on the spot, which lets the product keep its original flavor and nutrition as much as possible. 

And that’s not all. Delis just know how to make food right from sandwiches to whatever it is they have on their menu. The ingredients are prepared from scratch each day, making them as fresh as they come. Not just that, but they’re combined in ways that bring the best out of each ingredient’s flavors and textures.

American Vs. European Style

Although American delis have a rich history deeply rooted in Jewish and European culture, they actually differ from their European counterparts. Nevertheless, both offer delicious deli items, and their differences make them all the more popular.

American delis follow the Russian tradition of the kulinariya, where they sell both prepared food and raw ingredients. That’s why every American deli you visit will also offer meals such as sandwiches, soups, and baked goods. 

On the other hand, European delis mostly only sell high-quality meats and cheeses and do not prepare ready-to-eat food. They are usually luxurious places where you can buy high-caliber, imported, and locally produced ingredients. 
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