Smoked Fish and Its Roots

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smoked fish
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Seafood isn’t just an excellent alternative source of protein and nutrients, it’s also a beloved favorite among many thanks to its rich and delicious flavors. While restaurants in Fort Lauderdale often feature seafood in their menus, it has in fact long been revered even in ancient times as a source of many delicacies, especially in coastal areas. That is why many locals have found ways of preserving seafood, transforming what they love into something completely new but still utterly delicious. One of them is smoked fish.

When Did Smoking Fish Begin?

The process of smoking meat to preserve it has been practiced for centuries, and fish is no exception. To pinpoint when it began, archeologists discovered what appeared to be the remains of a fish-smoking factory in Poland—a structure that dates back to the seventh century. Apart from that, fish smokehouses were seen across Europe even in medieval times and the practice was embraced on a smaller scale in Asia. Today, the popularity of smoked fish shows no signs of dying down and continues to grow across the globe. So next time you’re craving a bite of tasty smoked fish, don’t hesitate to visit your favorite restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

How is It Done?

Prior to smoking, the fish is thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove moisture. After that, it is salted to add flavor and aid in its preservation. Once that’s done, the fish can be cold smoked or hot smoked. Cold smoking can be done at roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which means the fish isn’t fully cooked. This is only done to impart flavor to the fish. Meanwhile, hot smoking is done at 250 degrees Fahrenheit which flavors and cooks the fish. Smokehouses can play around with the flavor by experimenting with the type of wood chips used, the density of smoke, and the timing of it all.

What Makes It Popular?

Smoked fish packs a lot of wonderful flavors that can stand on their own or enhance others as a complementary ingredient. What’s better is that all sorts of fish can be smoked which brings out new textures and flavors, depending on what type of fish is used and how it is smoked. Apart from its flavor, what makes it so popular is that it is convenient. Thanks to the smoking process, bacteria growth can be prevented which also extends the product’s shelf-life. Sometimes the process is unique to a specific region which brings attention to some parts of the world you wouldn’t have known about, and that in itself also adds a certain charm to this type of food.

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