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Corporate catering in Fort Lauderdale can be quite a difficult and complex process to plan, especially when a large number of guests are involved. If you are trying to please your clients to make a good impression for your company, it is important that all of the event details are completely understood and taken care of. Know that food can definitely be a big reflection of what your company stands for, so it is crucial to fully prepare for it. Know the specific target audience and then research on what sure fire dishes will click with them. If you have had experience with the same crowd in the past, then don’t stop at doing the same thing, there is always room for improvement. This can spell the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

People do not realize how much planning goes into making any business meeting or corporate event successful. Since the food that you will be serving employees and guests of a company can make or break your event, there are various things that need to be considered. Here are a few tips to ensure that an event can go smoothly, avoiding the most common mistakes when planning for your corporate catering in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Number of Guests: At times, it can be impossible to know the number of people attending your meeting or event. If you are fortunate enough to determine the exact head count, it is best to be prepared since anything can change. In this case, it’s better to overestimate a bit rather than underestimate the amount of food that you will be serving.

If you are planning a cocktail party that offers finger foods and drinks, then you do not have to worry about seating. However, if your event includes presentations or documents that will be shown, then have adequate seating space for everyone. No one wants to have a full plate and eat while standing up. Consider the venue and the arrangement of chairs and furniture so that everyone is comfortable.

  • Consider Food Preference and Allergies: One of the biggest mistakes many people make is not taking into consideration their guests’ food preferences and allergies. Ask your guests directly about their food restrictions or allergies to any specific ingredients. This way, you can avoid these items when the food is being prepared. For example, you do not want to have a salad that has peanuts when some of your guests are highly allergic to it. The last thing you want to do is serve food that is harmful to others.
  • Limit Food Options: While it may seem like a great idea to offer your guests a variety of platters, it can also be a problem since it can make your event seem too informal. If you have a corporate meeting or event, you can limit your options by providing them with staple foods such as beef, chicken, fish, or vegetarian dishes rather than something exotic.
  • Schedule Your Meals: Planning your event ahead and arranging the time frame will help you have a clearer decision of what food to serve. Leaving your guests with an empty stomach for several hours is not the best move. You want to make sure that the food is served within schedule so that everyone is content and at ease.
  • Serving Alcohol: Unless your event is more informal such as a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, then serving alcohol at a corporate event might not be the wisest decision. If you know that it will be an important meeting where you are making crucial decisions or selling your business goals to others, then it is best that everyone is completely sober. However, if you do want to serve alcohol, you can stick with wine or cocktails that can be served towards the end of the event.

These tips will help you avoid common mistakes so that your event can run smoothly. Make sure that you have all the detailed information so that you are catering dishes for a successful event. With Tower Deli’s corporate catering in Fort Lauderdale, we will provide for all of your needs by listening to your vision, your tastes, and your budget. Rest assured that you can rely on us in providing nothing but the best quality and personalized service. For more information, contact us at 954-452-8202.

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