The Great Breakfast Debate

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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day… or is it? The age-old tradition of eating breakfast is now being challenged by mainstream researchers who question its validity. A growing number of research studies is now contesting not only that eating breakfast isn’t actually important, but that it may also have adverse effects on your body. You who love to eat breakfast, whether it be in your home or your local restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, for example, might even think twice if you have read these new articles that question the very practice you have been doing ever since you can remember.

Some researchers are now arguing that eating breakfast early in the day can possibly increase our cortisol levels. To save you from the experience of going through another boring physiology class, cortisol is a hormone naturally produced by our bodies that affect different physiological systems, notably, the regulation of blood sugar levels and metabolism. Now, we take this concept in and go back to eating breakfast. To put it simply, the idea is that if you eat breakfast, you are compromising your body’s ability to regulate sugar levels and metabolize at its own pace. If this happens, your body might not be able to digest food properly or you might feel a sudden dip in energy levels throughout the day.

Now let us go to the other side of the fence, where the concept of eating breakfast is considered beneficial for the body. According to an article by Jessica Brown (2018) of the BBC, skipping breakfast is associated with approximately 70% increase of heart disease and approximately 20% increase of having type 2 diabetes in men and women. So if you are thinking of skipping breakfast, we advise you to drop by your local restaurant in, let’s say, Fort Lauderdale and grab yourself something to eat instead. Hey, you wouldn’t want to risk the possibility of having diabetes now, would you?

To support the notion that eating breakfast is a healthy practice, a professor at Oxford Medical Center for Diabetes by the name of Fredrik Karpe argues that the former argument of cortisol disruption when eating breakfast cannot be absolute. He argues that sudden peaks of cortisol in the body during the day is considered to be a normal reaction of the body and cannot be associated with eating breakfast. He further stated that breakfast in the form of insulin-responding carbohydrates is a trigger mechanism for the body to properly intake food.

Brown’s article also states that, in another study involving 36 people, half of which have diabetes and the others don’t, all participants are found to experience a dramatic increase in blood glucose levels after eating as a result of skipping breakfast. Blood glucose affects how we perform throughout the day. If it isn’t#39;t properly regulated, our body clock will be disrupted. Breakfast is therefore seen as an important factor in maintaining our body clock.

Both sides of the fence state that skipping breakfast can have an effect on the body. Whether or not these researches prove to be 100 percent accurate is still up for debate although the ratio of research around breakfast still leans towards it being part of a healthy lifestyle. What could be said is that people should follow their own body. If they are hungry, it is advisable to eat the right amount and the right type of food in order for one’s body to properly regulate its processes and subsystems. The last statement really sends signals. Regardless if you side with non-breakfast eaters or devotees of the breakfast culture, you should follow what your stomach tells you, right? Wow!

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