The Sandwich – Here’s How it Came to be

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I’m sure all of us have enjoyed a sandwich at some point in our lives. Who knows, it may be a favorite snack or even comfort food for some of you. It could also be your go-to item on the menu at your favorite restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. But have you ever wondered how it was invented? Who was the first person who thought of making a sandwich? What were the first ingredients used to make it? Do some of the very first sandwich recipes even still exist today? The questions are endless! So, let’s talk all about sandwiches today.

There are many theories as to where the sandwich originated but written below are some of the most popular theories.

Deep in thought at the gaming table on one of his gambling streaks, John Montagu (the 4th Earl of Sandwich) could not possibly be wrenched from his opponent to take a quick bite of his meal at the dining table. It was then that he instructed his cook to prepare his meal in such a way that would not interfere with his game. Soon after, bread with sliced meat was brought to him so he could continue to play undistracted while also being able to eat. Thus what we know as the Sandwich was born. Or so it says in a popular contemporary French travel book. In reality, however, it seems more likely that these meals were what the 4th Earl of Sandwich ate while working at his desk. It could also have gained traction when he introduced the dish to London society.

Nevertheless, this is what food historians have to say.

During John Montagu’s excursions in the Eastern Mediterranean, he discovered that the Greeks and Turks served sandwiches during their mezes and he copied the concept and brought it home. Although Montagu is not the actual inventor of the dish, it cannot be argued that the 4th Earl of Sandwich made this dish popular in London society. His title eventually became associated with the sandwich ever since.

So when were sandwiches introduced to restaurants in Fort Lauderdale or America?

During the last half of the 18th century, many colonial cooks were not really fond of imitating British culinary trends. However, it can be said (although not definitively proved) that colonial American cooks did make sandwiches in their time. They just weren’t called “sandwiches” until at least the late 1830s. 

What’s the primary difference between English and American sandwiches?

Americans made ham their meat of choice for sandwiches while for the English, beef was the preferred option. Today, there are many varieties of sandwiches from types of bread used to slices of meat and even other ingredients mixed in between. But one thing remains the same. Sandwiches are here to stay no matter what other food enthusiasts say. After all, they’re convenient, easy to prepare, and you can just about put any ingredient you want in it.

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