The Sandwich Royal Rumble

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Is there such a thing as “the one”? And no, we’re not talking about marriages where you might really find “the one”. We’re talking about something else altogether. We’re talking about the debate that rocked the ages; the question that runs in the mind of every foodie out there – we’re talking about the sandwich. Yes, that’s right. A restaurant in Fort Lauderdale might contest about their sandwich being the best in the food industry while the next one down the block would present another type of sandwich and deem it to be at the top of the food chain. But how can one actually discuss this great dilemma without knowing the different types of sandwiches out there, right?

We’re giving you a low down on the different types of sandwiches, unranked and raw, so you can have an idea of what could possibly be “the one”.

Ham and cheese

The ham and cheese sandwich is considered one of the more popular (and even one of the most overrated) sandwiches around. The simplicity of this sandwich lends to why it is so popular in the first place. Though this is true, usually, ham alone does not account for how well it tastes. That’s why cheese is being added along with the rest of the dish to give it that extra kick. If it’s a better type of ham, one would definitely lay off on the cheese and go straight for the ham! In any case, there is no denying that it takes a spot as a definite contender for “the one”.


The Dagwood is a lesser known term for the sandwich that literally towers over the competition. Some New Age foodies and casual eaters call this “the stack” because it’s basically a stack of different food components like meats, cheese, and greens which are placed between two slices of bread and repeated two or three times (or more, depending on the person).

Tuna salad

The classic tuna salad is a no-brainer for this list. It’s so simple to make. All one has to do is prepare some flaked tuna, diced onions, and mayonnaise, and mix them all together to create a spread. Greens like lettuce may also be placed between the spread before being enveloped by two slices of bread. Simple, delicious, and downright practical. That’s why it holds a spot on our list.

The club sandwich

This one is elusive. Arguably dating back to 1894 in the Saratoga Club House, this two-story dish is made of inferior white meat, tomato, mayo, and bacon (for taste). Though the ingredients are somewhat cheap and easy to attain, the presentation and sheer weight of the sandwich will make you think twice whether or not to categorize it as a regular sandwich. This one definitely deserves its right as a contender, and you have to give it mad credit.


The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not one to throw out the window. A 5-star restaurant might serve this sandwich, and Americans would deem it respectable! That’s right. The iconic dish is one that is backed by most, if not all, Americans. Just ask the British about it. It’s made with peanut butter (chunky or smooth) and a good helping of jelly (strawberry or grape, your choice). This sandwich is so loved by most Americans that it brought about different researches regarding its supposed health benefits and hacks! With this amount of credibility, we definitely have to include it in the list.

The Hoagie

Aka the submarine, aka the grinder. If those names still don’t make you want to go to the kitchen or your local restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, then we don’t know what will! While other sandwiches on the list are made using the ever-so-popular wonder bread (*coughs tuna sandwich *coughs) the hoagie is made using a long, soft, aerated piece of bread that can take on a load of condiments and meat. Some food hackers have also developed better ways of overloading the dish by digging a canal between the bread, this gives it a little more room for deli meats and mayo, an added feature you should definitely try next time you make one for yourself.


To top things off on this list is the fabled cheesesteak. Well, it’s not really fabled but it’s definitely on a league of its own. Hmm, well maybe not, but you get the point. See, the cheesesteak is one of those sandwiches that is definitely on par with the PB&J when it comes to popularity. The meat can be pure beef, pork, or a combination of different kinds of meats. Now, what makes some cringe about the cheesesteak is that the regular ones use Chiz Whiz. We’re going to end it at that so we won’t get attacked by cheesesteak fanatics the world over.

So, there you go. Tower Deli’s top picks of famous sandwiches worthy of being called “the one”. And if you ask us which sandwich takes the cake, we can’t really say. There are other sandwiches out there that we haven’t included that some might deem the best of the best. We can’t say for sure as well because even we have a lineup of mouthwatering sandwiches and submarines we are proud to call “the best” that a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale can offer. So if you want to know for yourself which type of sandwich takes the number one spot, better try our assortment of sandwiches first. Who knows, you might just even finally find “the one”.

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