Tower Deli Plans Your Shiva Meals

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Shiva meals is a Jewish tradition and practice, which is provided to comfort mourning families after the death of a loved one, however nowadays the offering of food at a shiva has evolved to extend to those who are making a shiva call. The type of food being offered includes a variety of dishes and even dessert. During these times there is a need for food planning, which is why many people opt for shiva catering in Fort Lauderdale.

A shiva coordinator will be able to plan closely with the family especially since presentation and availability are of great importance. They will find out what the mourning family prefers and come up with a menu which most likely contains customary types of dishes and Jewish delicatessen foods. Deli platters and smoked fish are among the traditional style foods that many people prefer, although there are families who have other food preferences such as Italian or Mediterranean food. They will also include coffee, tea, and soft drinks that can be presented throughout the shiva.

Whether the food is traditional or nontraditional, there are catering services that include these dishes in their kosher options. If a family keeps kosher, then the caterer or the restaurant in Fort Lauderdale must be a recipient of certification from a rabbi. To be sure, you may ask the catering company whether they have this specific information before making any orders.

A reputable shiva caterer will have enough knowledge and experience for the job. Since they are familiar with the Jewish tradition, they will take note of all the necessary steps to cook the food. They will also take note of the number of days sitting shiva. In order to ensure that everything is properly planned out, it is important to do your research for a good catering company in the area. In doing this, you may ask for referrals or even go online to find the right caterer for you. When searching, it can be useful to ask them if they are familiar with doing shiva.

Once you have selected a caterer, they will ask you for certain information that you can be prepared with beforehand. First, they will need to know how many days the family will be sitting shiva and how many guests you will have. Since it is hard to give an exact number, you can always give a rough estimate.

If you are in need of reputable shiva catering in Fort Lauderdale, Tower Deli and Diner is the place for you. Our shiva meals and shiva catering can be ordered and delivered on the same day. You will work with our catering specialists to assist you with your needs and we work with your budget. Tower Deli and Diner has been serving the Jewish community for 23 years which can assure you that we do the best at our job. Our premier catering services are all about you, your vision, your tastes, your needs, and your budget. Contact us today at 954-452-8202. Otherwise, you can browse more of our website for more information regarding our services.

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