Types of Catering Services You Need to Know

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Why waste time and effort if you can afford catering services? Broaden your options and choose reliable catering services in Fort Lauderdale. Planning a special event can be challenging, stressful, and time-consuming. But you should also consider hiring the most reliable one to meet your expectations. Catering services come with your budget, the number of guests, and other factors needed for the event. There are different types of catering services you should know about that may help you with your concerns.


  1. Corporate Catering


Corporate catering is the act of servicing or providing food to a group or company. Whether the ‘event’ is held on their company premises or the caterer’s restaurant, it is the clients’ call where to hold their meetings or business functions. The main purpose of corporate catering is to bring colleagues together to develop relationships and networks in a relaxed and amicable atmosphere. The cost of this type of catering service depends on the size and formality of the event. Corporate catering has several types, which include breakfast, lunches, barbecues, conferences, board meetings, and product launches.


  1. Social Event Catering


Catering social events are more intimate and larger because they require keen attention to detail. Examples of these social events are birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, grand openings, engagement parties, retirement celebrations, and more. Included in this type of catering are packages, such as decorations, appetizers, servers, and even bartenders. This also requires caterers to be attentive to people’s allergens to avoid cases arising from food intake.


  1. Restaurant Catering


This type of catering is held on the restaurant’s or hotel’s premises. It may come with a package that will save you time in the planning of your event. You can have the whole premise decorated or customized to your desired theme. However, restaurant catering is expensive, and you should be aware of that. 


  1. Wedding Catering 


Servicing or catering a wedding is a huge and classy event that will require a lot from the caterer. However, if the client asks for a small setup, the caterer can relax a bit. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be special. Wedding events are the most memorable experiences, and so caterers move around all the time to ensure that guests are well-served. But on the other hand, big weddings will require twice the workforce.


  1. Buffet Catering


Buffets can be fun, as there is a huge variety of different foods and drinks. This type of catering requires the dishes to be placed in metallic storage with a moderate heating apparatus underneath to keep the food warm. The purpose of this catering service is to allow guests to move freely and mingle with others. It is also budget-free.


  1. Office Delivery Catering


This type of catering service enables the client to call the caterer to prepare food, pack it in disposables, and deliver it to the client’s office. The ordering is often done through a mobile phone application, but the payment is made upon delivery of the food.


  1. Food Truck Catering


Food truck catering is fun for people who have organized their events outdoors. A truck serves as the kitchen, where food is prepared depending on the clients’ orders. 

Overall, these are the different types of catering services in Fort Lauderdale. To avail of our catering services and 24/7 delivery, call us at 954-452-8202.

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