Why Is Avocado A Popular Food Trend?

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If you’ve ever visited a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, then you’ve probably noticed just how common avocado is as a part of all kinds of menus, whether as an ingredient or as the highlight of a dish. Did you know? Apparently, avocado is now a leading food trend. You can see just how everyone’s making such a big deal about it online and for a great reason.

What’s the fuss?

Believe it or not, avocado has been the most pinned food trend on Pinterest, one of the most popular social media platforms together with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. It’s also becoming a favorite of the millennials — and you know how much ruckus (either positive or negative) always pops up online when they’re involved. The fuss is that it’s a favorite among celebrities, fashionistas, & lifestyle bloggers and many other health and beauty enthusiasts. And yet, even though there’s positivity, there’s also an equal amount of negativity circling the Internet. For a time, the most popular avocado dish online – the Avocado Toast – was even considered by many as “the most annoying food on Instagram”.

Still, what’s in the avocado that causes these trends?

Millennials don’t love the avocado for no reason; when this generation is in love with a concept, it usually means that the concept revolves around the themes of affordability, practicality,instagrammability, and wellness. It’s the first and last of those which really matter, though.

For wellness, it has so many health benefits that you just couldn’t ignore when you see it on the menu of a restaurant in places like Fort Lauderdale. Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fat, the kind of fat that helps reduce bad cholesterol, as well as the risks of heart disease and stroke.

The fruit also contains high levels of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, all of which contribute to a person’s holistic well-being, some examples would be the strengthening of bones, clearing of skin, and improvement of one’s mood.

Pair these health benefits with affordability, and there’s simply no more wonder why people would love it! From its past price of $1 per fruit back in the early 1900s (about $24 today), an avocado can now be bought for much less, each. So an avocado toast, especially if your bread is whole grain, is the best alternative for other expensive foods that are usually part of a dietary plan or health regimen.

Where to experience the delectability of avocados

Whether you’re looking to introduce yourself to this wonderful fruit or it’s already a favorite that you want to eat often, you can always visit Tower Deli — the best place in town with the most delicious avocado dishes. Not only is it a restaurant in the area, but we also provide catering in Fort Lauderdale, ensuring that everyone can experience the deliciousness of our dishes anywhere. Check out our menu to see which dishes have avocados in them. You can even create your own salad and mix it in! You’ll also be delighted to know that we have Avocado Toasts available, which you can pair up with a poached egg or sliced nova. So, are you feeling hungry yet? Great! Drop by our restaurant for a great experience, or order online through the link on the website! Don’t miss the chance to find out by yourself just how avocado’s greatness stirs so much fuss.

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