Why We Love Catering for a Corporate Gathering

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Catering for a party or event is always interesting! We meet new people from different places, with unique stories, and it’s always a blast learning that we are able to help them build incredible memories through these catering events. But if you ask us, with all our experience catering in Fort Lauderdale, we can’t help but feel exceptionally excited to cater for corporate gatherings.

A corporate evening doesn’t exactly seem like the most fun or memorable event as compared to other types like children’s parties, weddings, anniversaries and birthday celebrations. It’s categorized as being more on the boring side of the spectrum. So you may be wondering why we look forward to catering for a great corporate gathering.

Any party or evening that has to do with work, often gets the wrong impression as a dull event. So it may be surprising to a lot of our guests when we say how much we love catering for these events. The reason behind why we enjoy it so much, and value the experience of catering for them, is that there are additional challenges to our regular catering in Fort Lauderdale. So how is this challenge exactly better for us?

  • We have a standard to reach when planning the catering for corporate events. This helps us elevate both our services and our food to a different standard. Our staff gets the chance to have an air of professional demeanor and our trainees get the chance to learn from this experience.
  • The guest list at a corporate event consists of professionals who at times come from different places and have different tastes too. It’s a great place to meet new people!
  • We can definitely provide a more creative approach towards the food that we cook since guests at corporate parties often want to experience a new cuisine approach. They don’t just want their regular, everyday sandwiches that they can already have at their company canteen or at a nearby convenience shop. These guests want something they rarely get to have or even something new and delicious on their menu. On top of this, our chefs can definitely get creative with how they serve the food too.
  • We learn a lot. It’s not just about learning to better our standards, our food and services, but corporate gatherings often include a program where people talk business and share knowledge with each other. It’s a great place to be exposed to incredible and intellectual conversations. And like we said, it’s always a great place to both meet and talk to people!

We love and enjoy being able to provide catering in Fort Lauderdale. But there’s really something special about being able to help create and build an exceptional corporate event for the hard working and often exhausted professionals of companies. We enjoy giving these guests a memorable time through our food and our service. For us at Tower Deli, a corporate evening is everything but boring or dull. There are so many things we value as we are challenged to continuously grow as caterers. And sometimes it feels as if we make the best food and provide the best service as we are challenged by the corporate world; and this is always a good thing!

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