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Holiday ItemsQuantityPriceTotal
Bagels & Breads
Bagel By The Dozen (13 dozen)x10.99Doz
Plain Round Challah (1lb)x7.99Each
Raisin Round Challah (1lb)x8.99Each
Assorted Dinner Rollsx4.991/2 Doz
Onion Pocketsx4.991/2 Doz
Cream Cheese
Plain Cream Cheesex7.501 lb
Vegetable Cream Cheesex9.501 lb
Scalion Cream Cheesex9.501 lb
Nova Cream Cheesex13.501 lb
Cinnamon Raisin Cream Cheesex9.501 lb
Low-fat Cream Cheesex9.501 lb
Smoked Fish
Smoked Salmon (Nova)x44.001 lb
Smoked Salmon (Lox)x44.001 lb
Baked Kippered Salmonx44.001 lb
Smoked White Fishx24.001 lb
Smoked Sablex44.001 lb
Picked Herring (In Cream Sauce)x3.75Each
Picked Herring (In Wine Sauce)x3.29Each
Egg Saladx12.001 lb
Tuna Saladx14.001 lb
Chicken Saladx14.001 lb
White Fish Saladx24.001 lb
Chopped Liverx14.001 lb
Pasta Saladx10.001 lb
Potato Saladx5.001 lb
Health Saladx5.001 lb
Cole Slawx5.001 lb
Macaroni Saladx5.001 lb
Fresh Fruit Saladx10.001 lb
Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Olives & Onion Platter (Garnished)x2.99Each
Meats, Chicken & Turkey
Brisketx24.001 lb
Pastramix24.001 lb
Corned Beefx24.001 lb
* Above Meats Cut Extra Leanx26.001 lb
Fresh Oven Roasted Rosemary Herb Chickenx10.99Each
Fresh Oven Roasted Hand Carved Turkey Breastx16.001 lb
Home Made Soups
Chicken Noodle Soupx9.99Quart
Mushroom Brie Soupx10.99Quart
Matzo Ball Soupx10.99Quart
Matzo Ballsx1.29Each
Home made Sides
Gefilte Fishx2.99Each
Potato Pancakesx2.99Each
Carrot Tzimmesx12.001 lb
Potato Kugelx12.001 lb
Noodle Puddingx12.001 lb
Franks in Blanketx10.99Doz
Kasha Varnishkesx12.001 lb
Green Bean Almondinex12.001 lb
Oven Roasted Potatoesx12.001 lb
Garlic Mashed Potatoesx10.001 lb
Potato or Spinach Knishx 3.99Each
Miniature Potato Knishesx10.99Doz
Assorted Mixed Vegetablesx10.001 lb
Mouth Watering Desserts
Freshly Baked Rugalachx14.001 lb
Freshly Baked Cookiesx0.99Each
Honey Cakex10.99Each
Marble or Sponge Cakex10.99Each
7 Layer Cakex12.001 lb
Chocolate or Raspberry Jelly Rollx12.001 lb

Happy New Year
L ‘Shana Tova

7% Sales Tax
Applicable Delivery Fee
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