Healthy Desserts That’ll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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We’ve all got a sweet tooth. For somebody with one, nothing can be more powerful on the dinner table than the item that gives you a good ending, a satisfaction of that weakness for food that is sweet. Sweets and desserts are not regularly brought home from the resto or bistro, but they’re part and parcel of a meal that’s considered delightful, to say the least. In Fort Lauderdale, there is a restaurant where desserts are just as important as the main course.


Satisfy that Craving Without the Guilt

A word to the wise though: sugar addiction is as real as children chasing an ice cream truck. It can’t be denied that one occasionally craves something sweet to overcome low spirits, spike one’s mood, or just have fun. The best course of action is to do it with healthy desserts. Fortunately, such treats exist to give instant gratification without breaking the diet you’ve set for yourself.

Be aware that not all sugar is unhealthy and that some artificial substitutes may even be more harmful than what they’re replacing. Instead, switch from white sugar to natural alternatives, like honey, molasses, maple syrup, or sweeteners from fruits. They can gratify your sweet tooth without the guilt.

Flavorsome Fruit 


Fruits are nature’s dessert. Nothing can be healthier. It’s not processed. The only preparation needed for this natural sweet is to peel it if that’s needed at all. Mind you, while it’s healthy, it can also be the reason for your weight gain. The idea is to quench the desire, not fill the tummy.

Fruit can be taken all by its lonesome which is good, or you can whip up a combination with them. Here are some of those delightful blends you can create: banana split, strawberries n’ cream, baked pears, or a simple mango ice cream. Make it a part of your menu for catering in Fort Lauderdale.


The Importance of Dessert

Bringing out the dessert is like stepping on the brakes at the dinner table. Eating can be a nonstop activity if one is not careful. That special sweet treat at the end somehow reduces the hunger pangs and tells our brain in a wonderful way that it’s over. It’s a crescendo of taste and texture that wasn’t available in the soup, meats, and vegetables. For some, that delightful closure to the meal makes you feel like a kid again.


A dessert can be romantic. It’s the only part of your dinner where you can hold hands with your partner and engage in intimate conversation. Romance is not a word that’s usually used for the main course. Think dessert and it becomes appropriate. You can even share it with each other’s spoon. There’s even an expression that goes “Can I have you for dessert?”

A Restaurant and More

It’s a place for fine dining founded on 28 years of experience. You can even order online. Aside from that, it’s known for providing homemade goodness in catering for special annual events. The name for this brand of excellence in meals is Tower Deli. Try our exquisite desserts and visit our restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

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