What to Ask Your Corporate Caterer

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Corporate catering in Fort Lauderdale plays a very vital role when holding corporate events such as business meetings, get-together, company parties, and any kind of important office get together. The first thing you think about when you hear corporate event or business meetings is the long duration. During these times, it is best to offer good food because it helps with holding the interest that you would want potential business partners and clients to keep. A poor food menu can also reflect who you are as a company. For this reason, many people often hire a good catering service for their corporate events to help them leave a lasting impression and build good rapport with their business clients.

If you have not experienced working with a corporate catering service yet, then you will need questions to ask which will help you in choosing the right one to host your Event. Your corporate caterer will work with you hand-in-hand and make sure they are on the same page as you when it comes to your needs and desires. Here are some of the questions to ask:

  • What do you provide?

Some corporate catering companies provide tables, chairs, silverware, linens, and a waiting staff. When interviewing for potential caterers, ask them what they will be bringing and what can you expect from them. This way you can do a cost analysis to see if they are the right fit for you.

  • Do you have experience in corporate catering?

While several companies offer corporate catering, not all of them can boast of enough experience. The purpose of many companies requesting for corporate catering is for the long hours which include all-day meetings, three-day conferences, snack breaks, coffee and dessert time, among others. For this reason, looking for an experienced corporate caterer is an edge since they already know about how the whole event needs to be setup where timing is of essence.

  • Have you catered at my chosen venue or my office building?

Truth is, it can be very challenging for caterers who work at new venues. They tend to get surprised if there is no elevator so that they have to take the stairs. Other times they will need passes or keys to open the locked doors. On the other hand, if a caterer has already worked in that particular venue before, they will have an easier time going around the building. Otherwise, you can simply give them the floor plan so that they can be prepared.

  • What will your staff do when they arrive at my building?

A reputable corporate catering service will act like brand ambassadors who will enter the building quietly and set up in a professional, friendly, and discrete way. This is done so as not to disturb your meeting or other staff members who are working. Some companies will take the time to come back after the event and clean up the area discreetly.

  • How do you handle last minute requests?

No matter how prepared your caterers are, they are still challenged with last minute catering needs. For this reason, it is important to ask them how they will handle these requests in case there are any changes or additions. There might be a time when potential clients or business partners are late for the meeting, or that a few other people may join. In this case, knowing that your caterers can handle the job efficiently will lower your stress level and help you focus on your own work.

  • Can you provide choices for those who have dietary restrictions?

This is an important question since not everyone can eat certain types of food. Caterers must be flexible enough to serve those who have particular diets such as those who consume gluten-free, dairy-free and organic food, the vegans and vegetarians, and the like.

  • Do you offer different types of presentations and plating options?

There will be times that your company will have every day meetings where disposable plates, cutlery, and other serving utensils are fine enough for use. However, there may be times when you need a finer presentation or display such as non-disposables with an upscale presentation.
Choosing the most appropriate caterer is one of the most important decisions to make when you are planning a corporate event. If you are looking for premier corporate catering in Fort Lauderdale, Tower Deli and Diner can attend to all of your needs. They are all about your vision, your tastes, and your budget. Call them today at 954-452-8202 and they will be happy to work with you and provide detailed answers to your questions in order to ensure that every detail is prepared before the event.

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